Sunday, August 07, 2011

Washington Blade discusses controversial "GOProud" gay "conservative" group

Sean Cotter has an important editorial in the “new” Washington Blade, “GOP, Bachmann, and the New Gay Right”, link here

GOProud has its link here

Cotter’s history is interesting, and it is true that the gay movement was at one time mainly associated with the Left, which in the 60s and 70s could become quite indignant itself.  I remember those days well.

Cotter also makes clear the difference or chasm between GOProud, Log Cabin Republicans (with its “successful” lawsuit against “don’t ask don’t tell”, no doubt important in bringing pressure on Congress to pass the repeal) and, for that matter, GLIL (Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty).

And Bachmann sounds, at least of this writing, like a real threat to modern notions of gay equality as we have come to understand it. You can’t conveniently brush off the reports of her husband’s involvement in “reparative therapy.”

The biggest problem on my mind right now, however, is the idea that one can responsibility put the ability of the United States to pay bills it has already incurred at risk, in order to pursue a political agenda, and then talk past all reasonable arguments for a solution. Andrew Sullivan had discussed this recently on his "Daily Dish", calling the worst of the Tea Party (maybe including some of GOProud) as anarchists, and by no means "conservative". 

It’s true, however, that the country will have to cut spending, and can no longer think in terms of “groups” or “victims”.  People will again learn that they have to be responsible for others, outside of the narrow range of their choices. But the battles over gay marriage and gay parenting fit right into that goal.

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