Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cobalt DC tries an "old new" idea for Saturday night EOM party; more on re-enlistment after DADT repeal

Last night, Sept. 24, CobaltDC on 17th St. in Washington DC sponsored its first “RawDC” party, which replaces “Shift” the last Saturday of the month. You can look at the sponsor’s website  and come to your own conclusion about “gays gone bad”. Yes, there was porn on a couple walls, which I did not videotape (copyright). The Gay 90’s in Minneapolis has (at least when I last visited) a room with similar videos.

The disco music was continuous, in that it did not stop, recount itself and restart causing people to pause when they dance.   (No, disco is not like a Beethoven sonata.) It sounded like an early 90s or 80s genre.

It really strikes me that the clubs have gotten over their phobia about banning smoking starting in 2007. Most patrons seem to like the no-smoking atmosphere.  The air is cloudy with water vapor (foggers), masking some of the "activity", but not smoke. 

I left about 1:30 and found the streets empty. A cat dashed across 17th in front of JR’s.  Finally, I got a cab that turned out to be a hybrid vehicle with an energy monitor inside.

The vehicle (a Prius?) had an energy monitor that diagramed the power generation of the vehicle, looking roughly like this  (Wikipedia attribution)

On DADT Repeal Followup:

The media has been running stories about formerly discharged soldiers (under DADT) not being able to reenlist because there are no slots for them now in the jobs they did.  In the civilian world, I encountered something similar. Because in my era, security clearances for gays were a problem, I lost out completely on that whole possible career area. Current economic circumstances can make it impossible to remedy past discrimination. That’s the real world.

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