Friday, September 02, 2011

New film "Don't Ask Don't Tell" to appear around Sept. 20; a religious group advertises its attitude by plane over Reboboth

Eisner Vuguru has announced a new film “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, based on the one-man play “Another American: Asking and Telling” by Marc Wolf, which I had reviewed about twelve  years ago on my hppub and then doaskdotell site.  The Facebook handle is this.

I’ll have a review as soon as I can get a copy or get to a screening on my movie’s blog. Another nickname for the movie seems to be “We Asked, They Told.”

Yesterday, as I wandered on the “gay section” of Rehoboth Beach near Queen St. (at the end of the Boardwalk), I found a jellyfish, and then, as I walked toward the volleyball game, noticed a private plane broadcast a “Jesus Saves” banner over the beachgoers.

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