Saturday, October 08, 2011

ABC reports further on bullying, including a special middle school in Milwaukee

ABC News has a 7 minute video on the case of Jamey Rodermeyer, accompanying the material of the case in California on Larry King and Brandon McInerney, reviewed on the TV blog today.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will hold a town hall on anti-gay bullying Sunday night Oct. 9. The forum will be hosted at Rutgers in New Brunswick, NJ, site of the Tyler Clementi tragedy. 

Lady Gaga is also discussed in this report as weighing in on the issue.

ABC News also has a story on the Alliance School in Milwaukee, WI by Jim Dubrueil and Denise Matrinez-Ramundo, the first public middle school specifically set up for gay and transgendered students.  I don’t recall whether Tammy Baldwin (running for Senate in WI) mentioned the school in her speech at the HRC Dinner last weekend.

Huffington Post story on Jamey is here.

YouTube has a trailer for a new documentary "Bullied". As soon as I'm able to find the complete film, I'll review it on the Movies blog.  Does someone know where to order a DVD?

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