Saturday, October 29, 2011

AIDSWalk in Washington DC fights off Noreaster: rain, wind, thunder, threat of snow

Today, Aidswalk 25 in Washington DC fought off a powerful Noreaster, which remained all rain (so far) in downtown Washington DC. Here is the site  and the minimum standard donation requested is $25.

There was even a clap of thunder or two, celebrating the barometric low pressure (which usually makes my hip pain go away), as the soaking rain continued.  The crowd around Freedom Plaza was, frankly, sparse.  AIDSWalk chose a later weekend this year, although usually the weather in Washington is mild, even enough for shorts, until after Thanksgiving.  The Marine Corps Marathon (the first one after DADT repeal) occurs tomorrow, with a late fall weekend chosen to avoid the risk of heat injury to runners. 

The actual walk was to be 5 km (3 miles), but few walkers were returning even though it was around 9:55 AM when I arrived from the Federal Triangle Metro stop. 

The water bottles and other minimal concessions were around; the band was not; music was being piped from the stand when I was there.  Once ballpark clown pounced around. 

A small encampment from Occupy DC still appeared at the west end of the Plaza, closest to the Treasury Dept. Building.

AIDSWalkDC for 2011 has its own YouTube video of those who braved the cold rain and thunder, with umbrellas:

When they said Rain or Snow, they meant it.

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