Sunday, October 09, 2011

Atlanta case in 2009 reminds one that police raids can occur; note on circuits

Don’t think that gay bar raids can’t happen in the US. A newspaper called “Pixiq” describes a raid by Atlanta police on the Atlanta Eagle without a search warrant in Sept. 2009.  The news story that I found is indeed a bit dated, Dec. 2010.  The story is here

There was a legal settlement later imposed on the police, which included provisions of the right of citizens to photograph police, (website url) here. In the raid, police had confiscated cell phones and cameras without cause, which was arguable unconstitutional.

Back around 1980, when I was living in Dallas, there was a period of raids on Dallas bars by one particular police officer, making bogus changes of “lewd conduct”.  One person was convicted twice and forced to leave Dallas to avoid jail. But finally, a computer operator  (from ARCO) fought it and won in court in 1981.

As an aside, last night’s (new?) “Just Circuit” party at Cobalt in DC (link) was relatively unscripted, no special decorations.  Music was continuous, without stops.  It was a lot “tamer” than the CP world depicted in a couple of movies from TLA (“Circuit” from 2001 is actually a very intriguing film about the Palm Springs scene, definitely worth a rental now.)  

Pictures: (1) Atlanta pride, 2004; (2) No, I'm not praying. 

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