Sunday, October 30, 2011

CobaltDC holds Halloween costume party; I am equated to a character from "The Rocky Picture Horror Show"

Most of Washington DC’s “gay men” seemed to survive Halloween, at least the Saturday night weekend (Oct. 29) party at Cobalt DC, the evening after a surprise October snow grazed the area, but didn’t quite stick downtown or around Dupont Circle much.

There’s still two days to go, with smaller gatherings trick-or-treat night, Monday, a school night and work night.  And Tuesday becomes All Saints Day.

The upstairs started like a typical last Saturday (“RawDC”) with  male films from Colt Studios on videos – plenty of provocation but no suspense (and almost no “plot”).

One little clique impersonated characters from "The Three Musketeers" (a French nobleman; not sure who was d"Artagnan; and Milady was a no-show). 

And another guy impersonated (uncannily resembled) Nationals' walk-off homerun star Ryan Zimmerman (even after last year's hernia surgery); he said Cardinal's hero  (in the World Series) David Freese resembled Michael Morse more than Zimmerman. 

The customer contest was held at 12:15 AM, with about 30 contestants divided into 6 groups. The MC, shouting into a microphone (and “her” movie was too loud and shrill) ordered “losers”  (“f.-off”) off the (‘g.d.’) stage, because, like Donald Trump running The Apprentice, “everybody hates losers”.  Finally, there were three finalists.  The “girl in the portrait” won, even though the MC didn’t seem to agree with the crowd’s choice. (She didn't like living portraits, like those in the Harry Potter movies.)P Voting was based on who could yell the loudest.  It was what the Washington Times calls “Mobocracy”.   I voted for the fully grown Bengal tiger (he looked pretty convincing as a big cat).  The Metro Weekly (“Dillon”) was there, with an interesting camera featuring halo light, like what TV’s had in the 50s.

JR’s, at 1:30 AM, on the way back, was relatively quiet.

On the Metro Orange Line, however, all the straight people were well dressed in costumes for the Clarendon (Arlington) bars.  More people were in costume than weren’t.

I dressed for warmth: green sweater and jacket.  I was asked if I was in costume as a contestant in “The Rocky Picture Horror Show” (I had seen  the stage musical in Minneapolis at the Hey Theater in the spring of 2003).  Remember, the losers there pay the penalty by being forced into drag, with all the attendant consequences to the body. That’s not the way to survive Halloween.

Last word: Halloween isn't over yet. Be careful!

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