Monday, October 10, 2011

Major dispute over students petitions, seeking redress to bullying erupts at a Tennessee high school; CA passes, Gov. Brown signs Seth's Law

There apparently occurred an incident at a Tennessee high school were a principal allegedly hit a student after banning petitions and trying to stop a Gay-Straight alliance to deal with bullying. The “” story is here (with online petition).

The ACLU has a detailed story about the incident at Sequoyah High School and Principal Moser at Madisonville, TN, link here.

Madisonville is in SE Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains, in an area known for Bible-belt mentality in the past (the Scopes trial was not so far away). Wikipedia attribution link for picture. I visited the area in June 2004. 

Anderson Cooper will continue reporting on bullying all week at 8 PM EDT on CNN.
In another development, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) has signed Seth's law AB 9 and another related provision, AB 1156 to strengthen anti-bullying provisions in California. Here is the link on Seth's Law from Equality California.

Update: Oct. 31

CNN has a valuable video on the "neutrality policy" in the Anoka County MN school district, link.

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