Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween on a Monday night -- not necessarily smaller

Last night (“Hier soir”), Halloween, all Hallows Eve, the clubs had their mini-parties, since it was Monday night, a school night or work night for fibbie employees (not for goons).  

The problem in Washington DC was that the Metro stops at midnight (it’s threatened to do that on weekends), and Georgetown shut down street parking. Even so, around P street, there was a respectable crowd at the Omega DC (link).  As for the pictures -- what you see is fake (a prop) that looks real. 

A few familiar faces, especially from Cobalt, and perhaps around the country (California) appeared. Men who wanted to were surviving Halloween. 

The drag show, which cost $5, didn’t start until 11 PM (the normal time is 10:30 there on Monday).  And the performers really went around the bar aggressively, looking for tips.  That’s not my favorite mode for a show.

I’m told that the former ApexDC  will reopen soon as a women’s bar.  The building is still lit up.  As a general purpose disco, It simply could not compete with the larger TownDC once it came on the scene. 
 On the way back, on the Orange Line (next to last train), I encountered a young man in a black and white striped suit; he claimed to be "The Pumpkin King," which he said was a horror movie when he was a kid (can't find it on imdb).  He was with a very pregnant (for real) young woman, still in costune,  

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