Friday, November 25, 2011

LCR on "It gets better". You have to make your own reality

A Washington Blade viewpoint by two people connected to Log Cabin Republicans on anti-gay bullying in schools deserves careful attention. The authors are Robert Turner, president of the DC Chapter of LCR, and Mike Hubbard, on the DC LCR board, with title “How does it get better? The answer isn’t so simple”, with link here .  In print, the piece appears on p. 20 Nov. 18.

The authors point out that gay teens often cannot get the support of their parents, who may see a kid’s homosexuality as an unfavorable reflection on their own marriage, or at least as not part of their vision of the “good life” for their “family”.  This is a frank and blunt assessment, but all too true.  People are influenced by the cultural norms passed down to them, and do not know how to make moral judgments of their own. 

The authors say that if you want your life to get better,  you have to take ownership of it – a pretty libertarian, Cato-Institute-like idea.  Play sports, or perhaps chess (keep up with those openings!), or perform drama or music, or compose, or write.  “Create your own reality”, a phrase which someone once announced was the essence of witchcraft.  And a lot of people don’t seem to get the opportunity, or even have the smarts, to do just that.

One observation that strokes me is that anti-gay bullying in public schools is being reported more just as, for grownups, gains occur: the repeal of "don't ask don't tell" for gays in the military, and progress across the nation on gay marriage and even gay parents. 

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