Thursday, November 17, 2011

Newt Gingrich has wanted to resume "asking" on military ban

"Newbie" and "oldboy" conservative GOP presidential candidate attracted bad attention with the fees he had charged Freddie Mac (after saying people like Barney Frank should go to jail over similar interests),

Gingrich reinforces the concern over a possible "un-repeal" of "don't ask don't tell" if one of several GOP candidates wins in 2012. For gays in the military, it would be like a Dec. 21 2012 pole shift.

In 1995, shortly after a midterm GOP Congress took over during the Clinton administration, Gingrich suggested going back to "asking" when people join the military.  I remember hearing the speech on my car radio as I pulled into an Arlington shopping center. Then, we heard people like PO Keith Meinhold have to make statements opposing "forced outings" which in fact often happened under "don't ask don't tell".

For those concerned about "family values" and filial responsibility, the story of Newt and his treatment of his cancer-stricken wife, analyzed by Justin Elliot in Salon recently, might be interesting, link.

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