Friday, November 04, 2011

Openly gay GOP candidate (Patrick Forrest) in Virginia slammed by covert right wing in mailing

I haven’t followed the 2011 Virginia state and local elections that much (election day is Nov. 8), but I got a 29-cent post card from “Our Heritage USA” in Lynchburg, VA (that says something) about state sentate GOP candidate Patrick Forrest. 

The post card complained “Patrick Forrest is openly homosexual” to start (pretty offensive on a postcard), and proceeded to complain about his having worked on President Obama’s transition team and voting in Democratic primaries, and saying he is “coming out of the liberal closet”.  It all looks pretty crude. (So why do I reproduce the card? To play investigative journalist on the extreme Right?  Note that I can't find the organization "Our Heritage USA" as a distinct org on Google.) 

Forrest’s own site is here

Gay Patriot has an informative posting on Mr. Green’s candidacy here

Update: Nov. 26

Lou Chibbaro, Jr. reported Nov. 8 that Adam Ebbin, Democrat, had won a state Senate seat as Virginia's first openly gay state senator. But Patrick Forrest, a Republican did lose in his attempt to unseat Janet Howell in Reston (link).

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