Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at MCC Washington DC

Today, I visited MCC Washington (Metropolitan Community Church of Washington DC) for the first time since my mother’s passing at the end of 2010. 

Reverend Dwayne Johnson gave the message.

At 1 PM, we held a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner, pot luck.  But at least one turkey did not get a pardon.
One person was trying to recall the rules for table setting – it’s all in an Emily Post book from the 1940s, and our parents taught this to all of us.  But these days, many of us have a lot less formality in our lives.
We had a lot of discussion about not so much gay issues but the total ineptitude of our Congress, where partisanship keeps it from getting anything done at all.  That’s ironic in a year where DADT was finally formally repealed. 

In the early 1990s, the church built the current open-viewed building on Ridge St. in Shaw.  Rev. Larry Uhrig was the pastor then. Uhrig had run a paid editorial in the Blade “There is no better half” – on the importance of being one’s own person regardless of having a partner – that’s a message that doesn’t wear as well today in the retreat from hyperindividualism.  Uhrig would pass away at the end of 1993, and I remember his  memorial service at the Church on New Year’s Day 1994, when people from the Clinton administration came. 

Previously, the church had met in a row house on M Street.  I once played piano there for a couple services (being late once).  On the movies blog, Sept. 14, 2007, there is a review of a short film “415 M St” by Stephanie Slewka, that played in DC Shorts that month, about the old property. 

This past week’s Washington Blade (which I had missed until today because of the Texas trip) has a great op-ed by Kevin Naff, himself a Penn State alumus, on the scandal there, as well as coverage of the first Marine Corps ball with same-sex partners, and also of the political climate in Virginia. More to come.

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