Saturday, November 26, 2011

VA: conservative control could become problematic for non-discrimination in schools; Black Friday; help for Occupy DC

Lou Chibbaro, Jr. had a major story in the Nov. 17 Washington Blade, front page, to the effect that Christian conservatives were back in control in Virginia state politics, story link here.

In the Virginia Senate there was a 20-20 tie, with the lieutenant governor having the ability to cast the “ping pong win” vote.  But one of the candidates who lost in the GOP was himself openly gay (Nov. 4).
Virginia, remember, passed the anti-gay-marriage Marshall Newman amendment in 2006. (There is a curious twist, that Marhsall-Newman could be construed as inadvertently nullifying some of the state’s filial responsibility law, never enforced; some day I’ll get into this.)  Now there are concerns that conservatives could try to ban “gay-straight” alliances in public schools  (some northern Virginia schools, in generally more moderate to liberal areas, have them), attempts to ban adoption by gay parents, or attempts to roll back anti-discrimination policies (with respect to sexual orientation) at state colleges and universities.  This last possibility is relevant to my recent visit to William and Mary (Oct. 21-22) as WM GALA celebrated its 25th anniversary. 

As for the clubs, it seems that Black Friday is as busy as any other weekend night (despite people leaving for a long weekend).  At least, the Cobalt was packed by midnight.  I overheard a conversation about an ongoing effort to supply meals to protestors at Occupy DC. I don’t know the specifics, but it’s good to hear that this is going on. 

I still have memories of Dallas.  The JR's Club in Dallas is four times the size of the same in DC. But that.s Dallas, where real estate is cheaper. 

Top two pictures: Old Dominion University, Norfolk; sorry for the technical glitch in the upper picture.

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