Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catholic group in Illinois would close down rather than comply with laws on non-discrimination against gays as parents

MSNBC and the New York Times have a story by Laurie Goodstein to the effect that affiliates of Catholic Charities in Illinois are closing down rather than comply with state laws not to discriminate against same-sex couples (or gays) in placing children for adoption or into foster care, link here.  The Catholic bishops say that the state limits "freedom of religion".

I remember a conversation in the spring of 1980 at Catholic Charities on Oak Lawn Ave in Dallas about the Cuban refugee issue at the time, when the counselor said that my statement that I am gay "ended the discussion".

The media (as with NBC Washington's "Wednesday's Child") is increasing pressure on the public for people to adopt, and gays and lesbians definitely get a mixed message.  In Minnesota, I recall bus stop signs encouraging singles to adopt.

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