Sunday, December 18, 2011

Town DC light on Christmas decorations; Manning case takes a gender-bending twist

Well, Merry Christmas!
Last night, the Town DC did not have Christmas decorations downstairs (even though Dec. 17) but did have a snowflake pattern of decorations on the upstairs disco. 
A young man downstairs said he recognized me from Dallas (where I traveled recently – perhaps he had been at the Station 4) and asked how old I was. How boorish!  I said “I won’t say”. He said it was remarkable that I was still “clubbing”.

There was a lot of attention to Metro Weekly's Cover Boy vote, won by Tyler Coffery (link).  There was the usual audience contest, not synonymous. 

Saturday a couple of major stories about Bradley Manning surfaced -- even on my cell phone as I was there.  The contrast between the frivolity of events at the disco and the gravity of the issue was striking at the moment I saw the story.  One story is a Daily Beast story about why so much material is classified to begin with this link.
More curious is the military courts-martial defense strategy to bring up Manning’s gender identity, which should not be confused with sexual orientation. The CNN story is by Larry Shaughnessy, here
The case is important for gays in the military in the sense that if a GOP candidate wins the election in 2012, he or she could try to manipulate the appearance of this case to try to justify reimposing the military ban – with asking.


Freddie's Beach Bar in Arlington is indeed well decked out for Christmas.

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