Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are gay men less likely to be overweight? Maybe

I say a story on AOL this morning, “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat”, that is, a book by that title by Simon Donan,  from Blue Rider Press, with the link on dot249 here  (requires javascript to run). 

I you look around a gay disco dance floor, “thin” is definitely in.  But that’s probably true of any disco. It sounds like a bizarre thing to notice in these days when the media harps on obesity, particularly in schools.  

I have heard of studies that claim that gay men typically weigh about 1-2% less for any given height than the general population.  That could be due to lack of marriage (usually -- that's changing) and having someone to cook for.  (They used to say, "wait until he gets married" about developing beer guts.)   I've heard of anecdotal remarks that gay men may be taller than average (genetic concordances of some kind?)   On any large disco, it seems like there are always a few men say 76 inches and taller.  That's not just in Minnesota (the Saloon and the 90's), either.  

On the other hand, there is a story in Science Daily to the effect that gay men are more likely to have eating disorders. 

I remember being finicky as a child.  I didn’t like “lumpy” food or “breakfast in restaurants”.  (One of the worst was in some town on the Virginia-North. Carolina border when I was about 8.)  After a stomach upset (a tendency which I outgrew completely as an adult  -- no “Carnage” or “Bridesmaids” please), father always fixed poached eggs. 

And in these days of high TV production costs, it seems like the networks are turning to cooking shows as they cancel soaps.  Remember “Homemaker’s Exchange” in the 1950s?    

Picture: retrospect, Baltimore Pride, 2011

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