Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blade reports on some unfortunate incidents in DC community

The idea of a “gay gang” sounds like an oxymoron, but Lou Chibbaro, Jr. has  (in the Jan. 13 Washington Blade, p. 4) a brief story about a youth gang that committed various pickpockets around the Verizon Center that has changed its ways and will go into an entrepreneurial venture with fashion, link here

Last summer, someone attempted to pickpocket me in the area.  They didn’t get anything. I reported the incident to Metro Transit police.

Chibbaro also reports an incident at Remington’s (SE of Capitol, CW bar), apparently Jan. 6 or 7, where a patron was disturbing others on the dance floor, and then punched the manager when the latter tried to intervene. The person has been charged with misdemeanor assault.  To my knowledge, such incidents in DC gay bars are rare.   But a few straight bars in Washington DC have (unfairly, I think) lost liquor licenses because of violence outside their premises, which might not even have started in the bars, so any incident like this is unwelcome.  I did see a fight in a gay bar in Soho in London in 1982.  

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