Thursday, January 12, 2012

Girl Scouts' admission of transgendered members creates a flap selling cookies

Remember the James Dale case before the Supreme Court around 2000 concerning his exclusion from the Boy Scouts?  The argument was what private organizations may do, and then what they may do if they take public funds.

Recently, there’s been quite a twist.  Some people have wanted to boycott girl scout cookies from troops that accept transgender members.  For example “Addicting Info” has this story by Justin Rosario here

Slate has a similar story  by Amanda Marcotte.

Washington DC station WJLA-7 (ABC) has a poll on the question, and every single comment made there has been flagged by someone as “abuse”. 

My own mother, in Ohio in the 1920s, belonged to Camp Fire Girls.  

And yes, I have often bought girl scout cookies, usually at work from parent-coworkers.  Selling food or beverages informally is a basic business; the very first "Apprentice" show with Donald Trump featured selling lemonade!

Update: Jan. 17 

The Washington Times actually ran a commentary on this, and it's pretty silly, by Cathy Cleaver Ruse, "Say no to Girl Scout Cookies; left wing political agenda undermines girls, families", link here.  It's striking to me how people think that they're own ability to have and keep the marriages they say they want are undermined by what distant other people choose to do.  

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