Monday, January 30, 2012

In Texas, employment discrimination seems alive and "well"

There are still some employment cases at public institutions. Lambda Legal is reporting on a case of an instructor, Jacqueline Gill, at Tarrant County College, Hurst Campus, near Ft. Worth Texas, who was told, when not being allowed for a permanent position,  that  “Texas and Tarrant County College do not like homosexuals”, link (website url) here.  The case is "Gill v. Devlin and Howell". 

The Dallas Voice has followed a story of a teacher Nichole Williams who claimed she was fired from a charter school, Life School Waxahachie, because she is a lesbian.  She settled with the school as related in a story on the Voice Jan, 2011 here. I remember seeing this story in my visit to Dallas in November. 

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