Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MD: Gay marriage opponents take to the streets, but 50% of state support marriage rights now; NJ: Christie has started a controversy

WJLA aired a video showing demonstrations (in Annapolis) against the proposed law allowing same-sex marriage in Maryland, as long as excerpts from the legislative session where the governor Martin O'Malley explained how this year’s bill is different – it allows stronger protection for religious groups that don’t want to perform the ceremonies.  O'Malley's main argument is that children of same-sex couples should not face discrimination. 

The Washington Post has a detailed story today by John Wagner and Peyton M. Craighill, showing that popular support for allowing same-sex marriage in Maryland has actually risen to 50%, link here

The New York Times ran an important editorial Monday about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a gay marriage bill likely to pass the legislature in Trenton, link here.  It’s questionable whether a veto could be overridden.  Christie wants a referendum, apparently one which would follow the pattern of many other states with a constitutional amendment defining marriage (AP  story ).  New Jersey does recognize civil unions (Wikipedia link).   Christie had previously made some apparently unfortunate metaphors in comparing the gay rights movement of the past to violent episodes in the civil rights movement.  It’s not clear whether any amendment would affect civil unions.

Christie has generally been considered a moderate Republican, but not too much on this. 

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