Sunday, February 26, 2012

DC LGBT film group holds Oscar party ("The Artist" wins Best Picture)

I did attend One-in-Ten's (and Reel Affirmation's) Oscar's Party at the L2 Lounge in Georgetown, Washington DC, tonight, near the Key Bridge, closer to the Rosslyn Metro in Arlington than to Foggy Bottom at GWU.

If  "you" haven't heard, "The Artist" won Best Picture (LA Times has a typical story here.)  Personally, I wonder if that wonderful scene where Uggie (the pooch) finds a policeman and brings him back to the fire won the prize for the film. Uggie needs a feline companion.

The party was fairly quiet, but fun.  There were plenty of hors d'oeuvres, although one of them leaked on my sweater!  Comcast Xfinity had some connectivity problems in the early evening.

Two "models" or "actors" were painted gold as Oscar statues, with shaved bodies and skin that looked chafed when viewed close up.  One of them said that the latex paint just washes off with water afterward.  I said, I would never allow that to be done to my body (especially when younger), and he asked "Why not?"  What if I had been an actor?  Look at what John Travolta did for "Staying Alive" or Robin Williams did for "Mrs. Doubtfire".  I guess you have to go to Tribunals first. (Actually, a character does that in Oliver Stone's "JFK", the character David Ferrie, played by Joe Pesci).

I got someone to take my picture holding a small toy Oscar, because I plan to make my "Do Ask Do Tell" film (with a layer, sci-fi format) and win Best Picture.

A photographer was there from The Washington Blade.  (I didn't see Metro Weekly).  There was an amorous male couple on the other side of the room in the lounge that attracted the photographer's attention (and mine, but no pictures).  You don't always need a dance floor!

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