Monday, February 06, 2012

Ex-gay group slips flier into student take-home materials at a MD high school

Local Washington DC television stations have an upsetting story this evening about a disturbing flier sent home to students from a Kensington, MD high school from what appears to be an “ex-gay” group, PFOX.  The flier, among other things, denounces the "immutability argument".  WJLA has this video of the account, and some will find it disturbing. 


The school district says that “non profit” groups are allowed to place fliers four times a year, and they do not edit the content.  The material was sent home with student report cards, which seems a bit heavy handed.  Many parents and students a like were upset by the unsolicited enclosure. 

PFOX does appear on Blogger (here).

Metro Weekly has a story on the incident by John Riley, here.  Metro called it sarcastically "student outreach". 

I always want to ask people who circulate this, what’s your motive?  Why do “you” want to control other people’s lives?   It seems as though some people want to make sure everyone either accepts the risk and responsibility for procreation or takes a vow of poverty (because they had to).  If you think about what this implies, it would suggest no one has a right to say “no” forever.  Think of what that would imply for the rights of women.  It starts to sound like the Taliban.

Stay tuned for a ruling on Proposition 8 Tuesday.  

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