Friday, February 10, 2012

Is gay content online more susceptible to censorship?

Are gays more susceptible to censorship?  A story on “” reports some problems with YouTube and Facebook takedowns of “inappropriate” material that would not have generated complaints in the heterosexual world. The link is here.

On the other hand, some religious conservatives will complain that they are accused of “hate speech” by the same sites.

The problem could become more serious as government, one way or another, tries to expand its takedown powers (despite the delay on SOPA and PIPA) to stop piracy and various kinds of trafficking.
Another problem concerns insurance.  Liability insurance for bloggers has been proposed and developed, with uneven results (as discussed on my main blog).  Back in 2001, the National Writers Union tried to offer an insurance product (about $300 premium for six months), and writers with LGBT content were consistently turned down, and were even told blatantly by the underwriter (in emails) that materials of “controversial nature” couldn’t be covered.  I remember that email and was astonished at its brazenness.

Picture: At Fort Eustis, VA, back in 1969, the guys would mimic "tiptoe through the tulips" and invoke the "gesture", "O go way butterfly".  We called it OGAB.  And this was around the time that Stonewall hit the newspapers.

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