Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New documentary "Legalize Gay" announced by Campus Pride, available in Spring 2012

Campus Pride is announcing the release of a film by Christopher Hines, "Legalize Gay: The Civil Rights Movement of a Generation", directed by Christopher Hines, to be distributed in part by the Logo Network, announcement link here.  I am not sure of whether it will be available mainly on cable or in platformed theatrical releases in theaters specializing in independent film (such as Landmark and AMC Independent). Some cities should have it by May, and one city that may see it sooner is Charlotte, NC.

I will provide a review when I am able to view it.

The trailer opens with "Rogue Culture" presents.  I don't know if this company is related to "Rogue" pictures (that is, "I am Rogue", link) a well known Hollywood distributor that specializes in B-movies and in some independent "art" film (which included "Catfish").  Rogue has sponsored at least one filmmaker's contest that was advertised in AMC Theaters.  I don't know if it is related to this production.  Rogue the distributor is associated with NBC Universal-Focus, Relativity Media, and possibly Wolfe (which does distribute LGBT film).

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