Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cobalt's "Micro circuit party"; Parking and biking when clubbing; more on service academies and the end of DADT

Well, the Cobalt DC’s “last Saturday” “Raw” party March 31 turned out to be a micro circuit party. There were “movies” projected which showed some kinky things from the “black party” world that I had never seen before.  There was “Bruno” as a character.  Some people know what this means.  And there were dancers.  

The music tends to be rather non-stop, and very dissonant.  This is not the kinder and gentler 80s and 90s.  Anyway, I must have played my cards the previous weekend in NYC right.  No reason to cough up $140 for a leather party if you’re just a “forward observer” and can watch something like it later for free (or maybe $7).  (And, as I said last weekend, the “preppy crowd” had its own free party one block away from the “big event”).

So a guest's shirt reads “Don’t Chase, Get Chosen”.  My immediate reaction to the idea of being “chosen” is that of  being “raptured”.  Maybe that’s from living in Dallas for nine years in the 80s.

The downstairs “30 degrees” lounge was decked out with fog, red and green lasers, and (fake) “bongs” hanging from the ceiling, as if to make fun of Michael Phelps. (We expect Phelps to win Olympic medals as a "thmooth" jock, but, please, no more hosting of SNL; an actor he is not.) 

It was actually a cold night to walk from the Farragut Metro (about 15 minutes).  After a warm winter, we suddenly have a winter-like night before April Fool’s Day. 

It looks like there is some 24 hour parking (or until 3:30 AM weekends) not too far from the 17th St bars.  I’ve never tried it, but Colonial Parking has a property on 18th, just below M, 1150 Connecticut Ave, zip 20036.  This seems to be Lot 121, and the web link is here.   It seems as though there are very few parking garages in DC that stay open all night (or past business hours).   I saw a lot more of them in NYC last weekend.

How about doing biking (or bike rental) to go clubbing? (and save energy, gas, and pollution, and not depend on an unstable Metro).  Good idea, if there were some racks around 17th St and U St.   As for biker behavior, it seems a lot more prudent in NYC than it is in DC, and it is very bad here in Arlington, where cyclists ride between lanes and disobey lights, even though Arlington goes out of its way to provide bike lanes.  

Friday night, by the way, Freddie's (Crystal City, Arlington) had the usual karaoke, and just a little dancing up front.  Sometimes, a singer will show genuine vocal talent with his adult voice.  (I once tried Karaoke at Baltimore pride, singing Remy Zero's "Save Me" from "Smallville".) 

The other “news” for the day is that “pride” groups are starting to form at the Service Academies, at least the Coast Guard Academy and West Point.  They’ll be more about all this soon.  CNN’s story by Chris Boyette is here

First picture: that's me, caught in the middle; couldn't hide the "movie" completely. 

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