Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Library of Congress employee sues for hostile work environment because of boss's proselytizing to him by email; White House turns down temporary ENDA XO

In an employment case at the Library of Congress that seems bizarre, Peter TerVeer has sued the government agency for being forced to work in a hostile work environment. He says he was discriminated against after complaining about his boss’s religious harassment, as evidenced by emails.

Station WJLA (ABC in Washington DC) has a story here. There is a video which right now would not connect and play.

United States Civil Service changed policies, which used to forbid homosexuals from working for federal government, in 1973, almost forty years ago.  Since then, agencies have put in anti-discrimination policies.  Even so, the Library has 180 days to respond.

The former “fed globe” site for gay federal employees doesn’t seem to work.  Does anyone know why? 

The Washington Blade also reports that the Obama administration has declined to issue an "ENDA executive order", which would protect federal contractors, at this time, link here

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