Sunday, April 15, 2012

Town does a "rite of spring" drag show, echoing the Cherry Blossom festival

Although I don’t know the Facebook lives of all the Town DC’s performers, I can say that the drag show April 14 was one of the best ever.  One of the performers was Raja, who is said to have won RuPaul’s drag race.  There was a “rite of spring” (without Stravinsky) costume contest of sorts.  I thought I spotted the “Cat Lady”, who had won a contest the night before at Morgan Spurlock’s “Comic-Con” premiere at Washington’s West End Cinema.  (For the uninitiated: the comic book convention, in San Diego, is basically a week-long drag show "for straights".)   Were some of the performers real females? No, there were no "soap opera style" lap dances. 

Upstairs, around 12:30 AM or so, “Kristine”, from Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom Parade, gave a “saxophone concerto” that might have been closer to the art of Bill Clinton than to  Villa Lobos, Debussy or Glazounov.  (Remember, on late night comedy Clinton was almost a concert-level artist in this instrument.) 

This year, of course, any thing based on cherry blossoms by mid April is a bit late.  They all came down with a "late frost" in early April after blooming too early.  

 I wonder if piano could work upstairs.  
Nobody mentioned that the Nationals have been winning.

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