Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Colorado forces playing the "civil union" card

A debate rages on in Colorado over a bill to allow civil unions, inasmuch as the state constitution prohibits same-sex marriage. There would be a constitutional fight over whether it's wrong to "simulate" marriage under another name.  Familiar territory.

Gay activists can be put on both sides of the fence, wanting what can be "gotten" in some states, and insisting on full marriage in others.

Alan Duke has a full story today on CNN summing up the situation in many states, link here.  Does this issue need to be pursued "symptomatically", state by state?

Tim Hoover and John Ingold report that the civil unions bill in Colorado was just killed before reaching the house floor, link here.

Also:  Las Vegas ("Cibola") has it's images of straight marriage:

Look at this couple, too:
Nevada has always been the easiest place for heterosexuals to get married, and to get divorced.

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