Tuesday, May 08, 2012

NC approves referendum (in its primary) banning civil unions as well as gay marriage

North Carolina voters have passed a state constitutional amendment (in a primary election, showing how aggressive the referendum was pursued) limiting marriage to one man and one woman and banning any legal recognition of rights for partners in civil unions (even heterosexuals).  In some ways, it resembles Marhsall-Newman in Virginia, passed in 2006.

A Raleigh newspaper was the first to carry the story.  The Charlotte Observer still carried a chat on the matter a few minutes ago. The Raleigh link is here. Around 9:10 PM, CNN and MSNBC flashed an AP headline that the measure had passed, without links to stories.  (By the way, the AP's own site no longer carries stories, only member papers do.)

Polls show that many North Carolina voters didn't understand the "civil union" part. The text of the measure is on Ballotpedia here.
Anderson Cooper, on CNN AC360, reported on a pastor in North Carolina who preached that parents should "punch" boys who seem to be gay, here.  The pastor tried to half-recant the sermon on the show tonight. 

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