Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baltimore Pride block party seems to be largest ever

Baltimore Pride occurs on Father’s Day weekend, maybe not an irony any more. In fact, until the mid 1990s, it was held before DC’s Pride, which used to be held the weekend of Summer Solstice.

This year, the block party extended down Charles Street to the Baltimore Washington Monument park, with parking lots used for more vendors and concessions.  The Eager street area was packed, as usual. This year, there was no dance tent on the west side of Eager, but there was a kind of hip-hop dancing in the area.  The sight reminded me of the closing pages of Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End”, as a group mind forms – it’s never been made into a movie.

There were more Washington Nationals’ caps in the crowd than those of the Baltimore Orioles.  But, at the same time, the Nats were dropping their second straight to the Yankees. Saturday night, an Orioles' pitcher was tossing a one-hitter in Atlanta. 

It seems that the Orioles are usually on the road during Baltimore Pride; driving to the site and parking in the Penn Station garage (nothing was on the street) was a trial anyway.  There was a jet air show over the harbor area. This is the Blue Angels Air Show, commemorating the War of 1812.  A flotilla of jets flew very low over I-95 at about the 695 interchange, looking like UFO's.  

The Hippo opened its dance floor at 9 PM, and used the main entrance, rather than the Charles St entrance, as in past year. It was pretty lively by 10:30.  

A lot of people wore purple t-shirts supporting Maryland's "Civil Marriage Law" which will be challenged by referendum in November. 

More footage from Eager St:

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