Saturday, June 23, 2012

MSN gives report on specific employers on equal treatment of LGBT associates

MSN published an article Friday on where companies stand on equal rights for LGBT employees. It discussed five “progressive” employers and five that were not.

There is a typo in the writeup on Google, which has always been very supportive, both on same-sex marriage and DADT repeal, as long as I recall.

An unpleasant result is the lack of progress, according to the article, at ExxonMobil after Mobil was merged into the company, which has major presence in both northern Virginia and Dallas.

When I transferred from USLICO to purchasing company ReliaStar in Minneapolis in 1997, I found a major emphasis on diversity at ReliaStar then, which continued after the purchase by Netherlands-based ING in 2000.  As I recall, same-sex partner benefit became available in 1998.

The MSN link is here

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