Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Study reports rapid increase in Americans' approval of same-sex marriage

An article in Gay News Magazine summarizes the progress in gay rights in terms of changing of attitudes of some major Protestant denominations.

Paul Hartman, author of a novel named “The Kairos” (hypothesizing that Jesus was gay), notes that Episcopalian, Lutheran, and Presbyterian dominations have, after internal struggles, gradually accepted gay clergy. 

The article also coordinated the progress in accepting gays in the military (43 other countries besides the US in 2011) with gay marriage (six states as well as the District of Columbia).

A poll of 1000 adults by Langer Research found that 53% of adults support same-sex marriage (at least accepting legalization), up from 36% in 2006.

I remember overhearing a radio interview of George McGovern in 1972 saying that “pressuring for the legalization of marriage among homosexuals will drive the Democrats to defeat”.

The link to the story (and email advisory was sent to me yesterday) is (website url) here

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