Thursday, July 19, 2012

ABC Nightline presents Josh Weed, openly gay but traditionally married with children in the Mormon Church

ABC Nightline, with Neil Karlinsky, aired a report about Josh and Laurel Weed, a traditional Mormon family with children.  Josh says he is attracted only to men, but married Laurel and raised a family out of love of God.

His wife says that Josh gave up the most important part of himself out of his love of God. 
The link on ABC is here.

It’s important in the video (in the link) to listen to how Laurel explains their relationship.  “He loves me… I am the most beautiful woman in the world to him.”

Josh has a blog in which he explains this here

The blog was hard to load tonight because of very heavy volume.

I dated women for about four months in 1971, but I don’t think that, in my emotional circumstances, that I could have made such a commitment (as Laurel would explain it), or expected one.  But, for me, if something really goes wrong, it can be over.  It hasn’t, and I’m 69.

The report said that the Mormon Church no longer conforms homosexual orientation, but does (like the Vatican) demand that it not be acted on.  It sees having a family (that is, cultivating the capability to have one) as a moral duty.  It sees refusal to enter the emotional world of family as an affront to God.

The LDS Church was, however, heavily behind Proposition 8 in California.

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