Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blade carries op-ed on Bradley Manning as role model

Philip Fornaci has an op-ed in the Washington Blade this week on Bradley Manning as a “role model”, and of the Obama military’s use of “extreme rendition”, some of it sexually based, to try to get more information from him about Wikileaks.  The editorial mentions the 38 minute film “Collateral Murder” in which the Army is shown killing Iraq civilians, supposedly provided by Manning (on my cf blog April 7, 2010). It also mentions a PBS Frontline biography of Manning on my TV blog April 7, 2010.

The link for the Blade piece is here.

The case sounds like one that could give opponents of the repeal of DADT some ammunition. 

In a speech Sunday night (today) President Obama said "We did the right thing ending 'Don't Ask Don't Tell.  We're moving forward, not backwards.... Everyone who works hard gets a shot ... We are all in this together, we are not just on our own." 

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