Monday, August 06, 2012

Boy Scouts has problems keeping abusers off its roles (AP, LAT)

Despite re-iterating publicly a well-publicized ban on gays as members or volunteers (not sure about organizational employees – the BSA used to show up at jobs fairs), the Boy Scouts of America has been accused oa allowing suspected “abusers” on its roles, perhaps out of carelessness.  It has an internal “blacklist”, according to this (website url) story on WJLA. 

The story is based on a Los Angeles Times review of cases and also AP sources.  

I can recall, when I was in the Army and assigned "stateside" in the late 60s, a lot of pressure on junior officers to participate in BSA.

The Washington Times has a distantly related op-ed Monday (P. B3) by Robert Knight, "Liberals' war on Boy Scouts, Chick-Fil-A", and it appears that he does believe it is appropriate to "coerce" people into "normal" gender roles. and thinks it's morally wrong for women to refuse to become wives and mothers in the unusual sense. In fact, he doesn't think adults have the right to "reject" others for their own reasons. The link is here

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