Saturday, August 04, 2012

Lance Bass talks about anti-gay attitudes in small town South on HLN

Lance Bass, openly gay former ‘Nsync singer, talked about growing up gay in conservative Mississippi today on HLN.  Bass is producing the film “Mississippi I Am”.

It is still a bit of a paradox – our bizarre double standards of morality and behavior.  As in my case, young men grow up being taught that homosexuality is a more unspeakable crime than unfaithfulness or even conventional crimes about people – as we hear today about Uganda, where representatives recently attended the AIDS conference.  There is a tendency to regard homosexuality as a violation of the “family” as a social unit – of the perceived vicarious immortality of the parents through lineage.  When kids are growing up, “socialization” and fitting in is a more pressing concern than adult ideas of personal responsibility.

There is a review of Lance Bass’s “Out of Sync” on my Books Blog Nov. 2, 2007.

Why, until recently at least, have we tolerated double standards on bullying.

Greg Louganis (“Breaking the Surface”) has also discussed his background and long-term survival on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

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