Sunday, August 19, 2012

Town DC has "Little Tokyo" party; mid-August crowd seems strong

Saturday night, Town DC held a “Little Tokyo” party upstairs, with quite a bit of décor, and some unusual masks and laser shows from the (Apple MacIntosh) DJ stand (from Kidd Madonny). The music also had a dissonant horn call that resembles the horn blasts at Nationals Park when the Nats score.  

It’s hard for an “amateur” to judge crowd size, but this August it would appear that a lot of people did NOT head for Rehoboth or the other beaches.  (Maybe the mountains, like I just did, or even MoTown, which I also did.)

The “Bridesmaids” (from the 2011 Universal comedy) were present, although they disappeared into the crowd.  So were plenty of special lights, and at least one holographic shirt (I don’t think the chest that lies beneath matters).

 Parking there remains easy early Sat. night (10:30 PM);  I have encountered difficulty parking on Fridays before.  

This was the first weekend without excessive heat, as the outdoor temperature was in the lower 70s.  Plenty of Old Navy shorts anyway, however.  Panic over "West Nile" hasn't reached DC yet. I can see it coming, though: I used to live in Dallas.  Down there, they have to wear long pants in July.

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