Saturday, September 01, 2012

Maine marriage groups solicits house parties by email; GLIL's old watering holes

Thursday, I got an email from Mainers Uninted for Marriage asking if I (or any recipient) would hold a donation party for them.    From Matt McTighe, the caption read “John, can you host a party for marriage?” 

 The group has a goal of 100 events before the November election. The group’s website is here

It sounds bizarre and pushy for a group to ask people in distant states to hold events when there are battles in many states around the country.

Also, as a “journalist”, I can’t be in the business of raising money (or asking money from people) for specific groups.  In the 1990s, someone from Log Cabin asked me if I would hold a fundraiser “in my home” not even knowing that I lived then in a one-bedroom apartment.

Last night, I poked my door in the Dupont Italian Kitchen, whose second-story bar (on 17th Street in Washington) used to be called “Windows”  and a few years ago had been the meeting point for the monthly social for GLIL (Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty). The first Tuesday of the month.  That activity has dropped off in recent years.  Back in the 1990s, the group had met at Trumpets, a property which is now a fitness center.

Now, the small bar has Karaoke on Saturday nights.

Cobalt-30 Degrees used hiphop on the downstairs dance floor last night.   

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