Sunday, September 16, 2012

One year after DADT repeal, AP reports "furor" has largely faded

David Crary. of the AP, has a story today. published by ABC News, that the repeal of "don't ask don't tell" (official about a year ago) has largely worked, "Furor has faded" the report says.  Critics are complaining about the religious "liberty" of religious conservatives (it sounds trite) and bills are being introduced to prevent chaplains from having to perform same-sex unions.

ABC's news story is here.

Ideas that lifting the ban would interfere with sensitive aspects of unit cohesion, where soldiers experience forced intimacy, have not been issues in practice.  They were offered as objections in the early 1990s by Sam Nunn and Charles Moskos (late), but even Moskos went back on these objections when he started promoting conscription after 9/11.

The ABC link for the AP story was tweeted today by SLDN.

Concern remains what could happen if the GOP comes back into power in both the Congress and the White House.  The Homocon Party at the Honey Pot in Tampa could become a distant memory.

Picture above: Rehoboth. the Blue Moon.  

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