Saturday, October 27, 2012

AIDSWalk DC well attended in 2012

"AIDSWalkDC" for Washington DC started at 8 AM at Freedom Plaza this morning, with some yoga warmup.  The walkers stepped off about 8:30 and did 5 kilometers, down to the Capitol and back. It appeared to me that there might be 3000-5000 walkers.  It was a good turnout on a mild morning, as tropical clouds from Sandy started to appear in the Southeast and a breeze started. This was in contrast to 2011, when the Walk was held on the day of another noreaster, with unusual October snow flurries. Today there were plenty of shorts (but not for me).

Dogs were present, and some seemed to be interested in the sky.  Animals know when storms are coming,

After the March, there was a break-dancing show on stage with some hip-hop music. Some drag queens (from Town?) were present nearby. So was a motorcycle club, and some Nationals fans with Natitude T-shirts, despite the loss to St. Louis.
Here's another Teddy Roosevelt Bobbelhead from Postseason.
National Institutes of Health is still doing vaccine work, which I should cover again later.

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