Sunday, October 14, 2012

Michele Bachmann reminds us of Anita Bryant

Frank Bruni has a column on p. 3 of the New York Times Sunday Review, “Bachmann Family Values”, about the perspective of Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann held by her lesbian sister, who was shocked when Michele tried to make political capital out of homophobia, even after years of knowing her sister’s personal life.
Tea Party "guru" Michele Bachmann, besides supporting the referendum against same-sex marriage in Minnesota, has called homosexuality “personal enslavement” and accused homosexuals of “recruiting” minors, a charge that Anita Bryant had made in the 1970s.

It’s always curious to see homophobia from female celebrities, who obviously have nothing to fear directly from male homosexuals, but who may resent the idea that because of homosexuals not as many women will get to become mothers.  This seems to be about procreation. Her husband reportedly has been involved in reparative therapy ("The Daily Beast", July 10, 2011, here . 

All of this is bizarre from my perspective.  I lived in Minneapolis from 1997-2003, still have ties to the area, and I also worked there on computer benchmarks for Univac back in the early 1970s.  It’s one of the most socially liberal states in the nation, at least the Midwest.

And her Tea Party was supposed to be about libertarianism, economic conservaitism (the Libertarian Party of Minnesota was quite active when I lived there.) ]

The link for the NYT story is here .

Second picture: karaoke: I made a visit to PW’s, in North Laurel MD (south of Baltimore, on Rt 1) last night.  Link is here

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