Monday, October 01, 2012

"Number Nine" near Logan Circle seems to draw Nationals', Redskins' fans on Sunday afternoon

I visited “Number Nine” on P Street, near Logan Circle, in Washington Sunday evening, about the time the Redskins started blowing their 21-3 lead in Tampa Bay.  (The Skins came back to win on a “ground rule” field goal, but I had left by then.)

In front of the bar, the Washington Nationals’ bobbeheads (aka Teddy Roosevelt) put on a street show.  The bartenders said they had nothing to do with it, their appearance was coincidental.  The Nats had just lost and the Braves had just won, putting off the clincher at least one more day.  (I think that  Nats reserve pitcher John Lannan just might clinch it tonight.)

It is a modern (though retro), quiet bar, with more space upstairs for Wii games and extra space for “sports bar” atmosphere.  Like Nellie’s, the “gay sports bar” seems to be a coming thing.  It could make a good venue for an Academy Awards party in the early spring.

The website is here

Food was not served, but there was a small sports-bar café right next door to the West (forget the name).
Don’t mix the name of this place up with DC9, in the U-Street area (near Nellie’s), a straight bar involved in an unfortunate incident a couple years ago, with legal consequences. 

Another trivia: The “Number Nine” is more or less around a long corner from 14th Street, from the Crew Club.  I’ve been to Crew only once, in the 90s; it was slow then.  I remember a “barber chair” – would make an interesting prop for a gay short film.  I remember seeing an employment ad from the place (a few years ago) saying, “those who object to scrubbing toilets and floors on their hands and knees need not apply.”  The world still needs manual labor.  Really, how many of us could hold down jobs tending bar (and balancing the register every night) anyway. 

That brings up one more trivia:  I remember a wonderful quiet bar in Alexandria, in Old Town, in the 90s.  It was the French Quarter, with a restaurant downstairs.  It’s long gone now. But that area, I would think, would support a new bar.  So might Ballston in Arlington.  There are a lot of rowdy “straight bars” in nearby Clarendon, and when I drive home late at night through the area, people stumble around, almost getting hit by cars.  The cops stay busy.  

The last picture, below, a billboard on 14th St at P: a medical issue that has apparently gotten a lot better in the past few years as the anti-HIV protease inhibitors improve.  Yet, when I brought this up a number of years ago at a Pride Event, people accused me of "lookism". 

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