Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Straight man who pretended to be gay for empathy appears on "The View" ("The Cross and the Closet")

On Tuesday Oct. 16, ABC’s “The View” interviewed Timothy Kurek, a heterosexual man who pretended to be homosexual in order to learn what it was like and develop empathy, and wrote the book “The Cross in the Closet” (which I have just ordered but may not receive until Nov. 7).  He decided to do this after meeting a lesbian who had been disowned by her family.

Kurek said that most heterosexuals have no concept of the obstacles homosexuals have typically faced in living the romantic aspects of their own lives, obstacles created by others.  

He spoke of the idea that some people are brought up to see homosexuals as "enemies" because they are "apparently" not interested in providing more babies or continuing a family lineage.  This idea is particularly evident in Africa today (as in Uganda). People who don't have economic opportunities to shine on their own terms may be more likely to believe such ideas.  

The book seems to have been written in the spirit of “Black Like Me”, by John Howard Griffin, in 1961. 

 Former midshipman Joseph Steffan mentioned Griffin’s book in his own 1992 book “Honor Bound” (books blog, Oct. 10, 2007). 

Second picture: MOVA lounge, 14th St, Washington (club owned by a Miami FL company).  

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