Thursday, November 01, 2012

A simplified happy Halloween

For  the real Halloween night, this year I kept it simple and drove over to Freddie’s Beach Bar in Crystal City in Arlington.  I couldn’t stay out late this time. 

The usual Karaoke was going on, in costumes.  

A bartender-waiter wore a placard with a fake hairless chest, and multiple YouTube-like panels on the back.   Dinner was being served, still.

I’ve never tried asking for diet cola in a bar before, but they had it.  Today I have to do my annual blood test after a fast (it got postponed by Sandy), so I was appreciative of the fact that the business could accommodate my “special need”. 

I’ve had experiences with being accommodated before.  In 1998, after my hip fracture and surgery,I was on crutches, but got myself over to the Gay Nineties, a quarter mile from the Churchill Apartments in downtown Minneapolis.  They invited me to use the freight elevator to get to the stage show space upstairs. 
So, this is “Happy All Saints Day”. 

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