Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ex-gay therapy group in New Jersey sued

JONAH (“Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuals”), a center in New Jersey that claims to be able to change homosexuals, is being sued for making false claims, as was reported on CNN tonight by Wolf Blitzer, subbing for Anderson Cooper. JTA has a story on the litigation here

The CNN report detailed humiliating therapy practices, similar to those reported before for other such centers.  The story by Alan Duke is here.

The CNN report reiterated the statements by the American Psychiatric Association and others which discredit the idea that homosexuality should be “treated” (to the obvious economic detriment of such “counseling services” or other practitioners like Joseph Nicolosi).  

Update: Nov. 29

Congresswoman Jackie Speier called for Congress to pass a non-binding resolution that states should ban reparative therapy for homosexuality. She did say that it is up to states to regulate "professional" services.  The link from her website is here

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