Sunday, November 25, 2012

For a disco in the country, try "The Lodge", in the Maryland Blue Ridge

It’s interesting to try something different.  How about a gay disco where, when you step out, you look into woods, and can look down a mountainside into a valley to a lighted town miles away. No, there’s no ski yurt for bunking overnight. But there were snow spits last nights as I drove up to “The Lodge” on US 40, way up the west slope of “South Mountain” (the Blue Ridge), probably at about a thousand feet elevation.

The venue is about two miles East of the intersection of US 40 with MD 66 (where there is a Sheetz), just off I-70; it is on the north side of US40 (and south of I70). The nearest small town is actually Boonsboro, and Myersville is off to the East, on the others side of the ridge crest. There is plenty of free parking on a gravel lot.

The disco used to be called “Deer Park Lodge” and an unlit sign of that name is still in a window.

The venue is spacious, and built like a log cabin (pun on the GOP) resort. The dance floor is modest.  There is a patio, and some separate spaces, including a small theater for the drag shows.

The theme last night was the not politically correct “cowboys and Indians”.  The dancers and drag queens were painted appropriately.

The crowd was pretty robust, for a holiday weekend.  I guess this is not the "Lodge" of "Twin Peaks"!

The website is this. The website has a page with some strict conduct rules, which may be explainable given the rural location.  The cover was $5 after 10 PM. 

Downtown Hagerstown, eight miles away, has some interesting spots.  One of these, according to a Google search, is Spin.  I poked my head in the door  (10 PM) and it was rather quiet, rather hard to assess, for me at least.

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