Thursday, November 22, 2012

Four new LGBT members of Congress, one in Senate; did I spend my life on another planet except during holidays?

The Washington Blade has a detailed story on the plans for newly elected LGBT members of the House of Representatives.  These are Mark Takano (CA, who was a public school teacher for 23 years),  Kyrsten  Sinema (AZ), Sean Patrick Maloney (NY), and Mark Pocan (WI), who will take the seat left by Tammy Baldwin, who was elected to the Senate. The link for the story is here.  

The Blade also discusses the possibility of Obama's appointing John Berry as Interior secretary, and Fred Hochberg as Commerce secretary. 

And Ned Martel has an essay in the Washington Post Thanksgiving morning, “Thanksgiving is a good day to come out as gay or lesbian,” link here

I remember when I was “younger” and living in other cities (especially New York and Dallas), that the “Holidays” seemed like a time when I voyaged back to a “home planet”.  I was living in a parallel universe (for adults) most of the time.  

Update: Thanksgiving dinner at MCCDC in Washington:
Note the view from the sanctuary, which actually benefits from having leaves off the tree:

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