Wednesday, November 07, 2012

On gay marriage, voters give equal rights three wins and approach a 4-game sweep (the "San Francisco Giants" won)

Voters in Maryland and Maine approved same-sex marriage in referendums Tuesday.  The Washington Blade has a detailed (just off the press as of early AM) story here

In Maryland, Question 6 passed by a 52-48 margin. 

In Maine, an Augusta television station has the details here

Voters in Minnesota disapproved of a measure that would limit marriage to a man and a woman.  The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a story here

And early Wednesday morning, the Seattle Times reported that voters  were leading and would probably approveda measure allowing gay marriage, just as in Maryland, link here

So in four states, voters approved (or on the verge of approving) of the idea that adults of the same biological gender should be able to marry and enjoy full legal recognition. This was a four-game world series sweep!
The federal government still does not recognize gay marriage (as with immigration rights and survivorship of social security – already strained) but that’s what DOMA litigation is all about. 

Update: The gay marriage vote is reported to have passed in Washington state (Wed. night), barely. Story is here.

Wikipedia attribution link for Pike Place Farmer's Market in Seattle, near, I think, the location of the Cadillac Bar which I visited in 1996 and met someone (one of the Navy military discharge cases) to discuss DADT for my book. 

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