Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Conscience Provision" is now a big problem -- an indication of progress in just a few years

I haven’t reported a lot on the repealed “don’t ask don’t tell” policy recently. Obama’s victory in the general election has made the issue less critical on my own plate, as there is no credible danger of un-repeal.
Still activists are complaining about the “conscience provision” that Congress is including in the Defense Authorization bill, a detail totally obscured in the major media by much more pressing concerns like the Fiscal Cliff and (I think) sensible gun control. 

Out-serve and SLDN have this press release on the matter (link).

Lgbtqnation reprinted this story from the Washington Blade by Chris Johnson, link

Here’s an earlier story about a gay marriage in Tucson after the repeal of DADT. 

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